Our Industrial Property Law defines a trademark as “any visually perceptible sign capable of distinguishing goods or services of one from those of the same class or kind”.

Designations, holographic signs, tridimensional shapes, commercial names and designations or business names; the name of a natural person; sounds; smells; the sum of operational elements; elements of an image; as well as all the possible combinations of the above mentioned.

The registration process of a trademark in Mexico starts with the filing of an application before the Mexican Institute of Industrial Property (In Spanish IMPI). Within the following 10 business days the application will be issued in a gazette which is the beginning of the opposition period, which will be over after 30 days from the publishing of the application; the applicant of the application will be able to respond to the opposition in a term of the same duration as that of his/her opponent. Alongside the opposition proceeding, the Institute will perform an exam of formal requirements —in a maximum of two months—to confirm that all the information in the application is correct; if it is not, the Institute will issue an official action containing the inconsistency or inconsistencies found in the initial application. There will be a two-month period to respond to this official action from the day it was issued; otherwise, the request will be declared deserted.

Once the formal examination has been overcome, there is a last examination of content by which the authority will make sure that the sign or trademark is not one of the forbidden by the Law. If it is, an official action will be sent to the applicant for him/her to argue what may convene to his/her rights in order to overcome whatever impediments he/she may face. Finally, the Institute will decide if the requested trademark can be granted or denied.

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Trademarks in Mexico (and in most countries) are protected under one of the 45 International Classes there are, in compliance with the International Classification of Goods and Services under the Nice Agreement, containing 34 classes of goods and 11 types of services. Therefore, trademarks in Mexico are protected differently depending on the type of product or service they provide under a one class system, that is to say, if a certain brand “X” is used to distinguish short sleeve tee-shirts but also sunglasses, two different and fully independent applications should be filed under the same brand “X”: one for short-sleeve tee-shirts under the international class 25 and another one for sunglasses should be submitted under the international class 9. It is worth noting that the costs for both official rights and fees apply to each and every trademark and class.
Why should I protect my business’s application?
Your business or product trademark identifies you before a consuming audience and makes you different from your competitors. In other words, your trademark helps consumers identify you and relate your trademark to quality, good service, renown and value that will make him/her continue to consume or recommend. The registration of your trademark grants you exclusive use of it indefinitely, as long as you renew your registration every 10 years and you comply with maintenance rules such as declarations of use. As well, you won’t only keep other people from using your trademark, but also it will help you make sure you are not breaching anyone else’s rights.

Trademarks, pretty much like the rest of intellectual and industrial property rights, are intangible assets with a value that will continue to grow depending on investment on advertisement and portfolio expansion. Therefore, the appraisal of a trademark means a higher value to your company, since it can, among other things, allow you to do business under the licensing or transfer of rights of the trademark to third parties for their exploitation, obtaining royalties in return.

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The average time is somewhere between 4 and 6 months, considering all the stages in the procedure. However, there are cases where the authority may present us with additional requirements, which may extend this time to a year or over.

Trademarks must be renewed every ten years or indefinitely. When a registration is renewed, any updates and statements suitable to the use of a trademark should be presented.

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