We are a Boutique Law Firm with over 15 years of experience altogether and fresh eyes that allow us to offer competitive prices as well as tailored assistance.
Having our headquarters in Mexico City and offices in Monterrey and Guadalajara, we have established strategic alliances with other prestigious law firms all over the world. Furthermore, our vast expertise in international and foreign law allows us to offer strategies with a global vision.

We assist Startups, companies, small and medium-sized enterprises (in Spanish PYMEs), creative independent workers, inventors, artists and people like you. We are always one message, E-mail or call away.

We provide e-commerce services, but we will be more than happy to have you at our headquarters or will event visit you.

Our founding partners, Armando Flores and Francisco Carpio, are very experienced handling and solving cases successfully at both a national and an international level, having long worked in/for companies all over Mexico, as well as for international companies and other law firms and law boutiques, including Big Law.